Our wonderful hosts, the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum (AGSEM) have many Maker class exhibits and activities which you should totally check out in addition to Meeting the Makers at the Faire!

  • Blacksmith & Wheelwright Shop: Including a 200lb power hammer and other machining tools run via line shaft from a large single cylinder kerosene engine, wheelwright shop, lathes, drill presses, etc…
  • West Coast Clock & Watch Museum: An amazing array of Steampunk friendly mechanism and time telling automatons.
  • Model Railroad Museum: A large and very detailed Short Track HO scale layout.
  • Weavers Guild: With over 50 looms, including punch card guided Jacquard looms (programmers should see that), as well as the tools needed to turn fiber into cloth, including spinning wheels and carders, warping boards and swifts, and bobbin winders and shuttles.
  • Farmhouse & Parlor: Representing the turn of the century the Farmhouse gives a peek back in time to how things might have been.
  • Two rows of stationary engines: One for gas, and one for steam. These huge engines generated power, ran factories, and changed our way of life. See them restored and running!
  • And of course… so many tractors you can’t count ’em! From the smallest walking tractors, to moving mountains. Gas, diesel, and of course the Steam Traction Engines!

We wish to express our deep gratitude to the people and leadership of AGSEM for supporting our Faire!

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