The San Diego Makers Guild will be staging another North County Mini Maker Faire in 2019 at the American Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista on June 15 and 16. We feel very strongly that one Maker Faire downtown isn’t enough. North County is an area that’s rich with makers and full of making activity. Along with AGSEM, we want to hold a celebration of all the good things that are happening in North County.


Why AGSEM? If you’ve been there then you already know. The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum focuses on 1840s through the 1960s with exhibits of tools, equipment, and technology from an era where everyone was a maker. What better place to celebrate making!?

North County Maker Faire will be within AGSEM’s Antique Engine & Tractor Show.  They’ll have a tractor parade, demonstrations of milling and weaving and blacksmithing and more, wagon rides, food and fun galore. For the price of admission you get Maker Faire for free. Modern makers in the context of the museum’s annual celebration just makes sense.


Put this event on your calendar now.
If you’re a maker sign up at our Call for Makers.
We want to showcase North County’s greatest projects for all to see.

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